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Yaron Braha Bezalel

Yaron Braha Bezalel

Thank u so much for the amazing lace fabric ❤️ Best online fabric store, big selection on lace trim

Jane Porter

Jane Porter

gorgeous lace, beautiful color. Excellent seller


Imperial Lace

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A huge selection of laces online from Imperial Lace

Lace is tender, feminine and original way. This openwork material can add distinctiveness to even the simplest thing.

Where lace trim is used

Lace is actual as a decor, when finishing women's clothing. It will have a great look on an evening dress, delicate holiday dress, as well as stylish youth clothes.

When sewing underwear, it is difficult to do without lace. We have rare offers of lace for designers, allowing to implement the most non-standard ideas. One may also buy laces for finishing items: bed linen, tablecloths and interior details.

Imperial Lace - store to buy all types of lace fabric

French lace is distinct by finesse of elements. It may consist of fanciful ornaments or entire pictures. Such material looks stylish and expensive.

Chantilly lace has always been considered an attribute of fashionistas; at present, leading designers adorn dresses with them and use them for decorating things. The basis of the ornament is lattice. Due to various weaving density, decorative elements may be clearly traced on cloth. This French lace looks elegant and expensive. Initially, Chantilly lace was made from black threads, but now it is not limited to this color and lace has become more popular. Chantilly lace is used for sewing wedding dresses, evening dresses, corsets and women's lingerie, accessories, bed linen, curtains and more.

Guipure – airy, elegant, translucent fabric with an unusual pattern. Products from guipure look refined and stylish.

Special demand is the so-called 3D lace, with three-dimensional elements.

We offer a large assortment of lace and excellent quality. Designers also collaborate with us, ordering the lace in small and medium wholesale. If you are interested in the opportunity to buy wholesale laces, contact us and we will offer you the best prices.

We have also calais lace for sale. Calais is popular for the making wedding dresses and luxury lace evening dresses.

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